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Fur Kids Care

Wearing clothes is not a natural experience for the fur kids. If this is the first time your fur kid wears a clothes, observe him or her closely for signs of discomfort. Some fur kids slip into clothes quite easily while others may need a little time to get used to their new clothes. If your fur kid feels uncomfortable wearing clothes, remove it immediately and try again the next day. They do gradually get use to wearing clothes over time, however, do not force them to wear it if they show signs of reluctance.


Product Care

1. If your fur kid tries to take off their clothes themselves, be sure to stop and help them. This will prevent them from chewing and ruining the clothes.

2. It is advisable to hand wash all Petkaboo apparels (individually) without soaking for the first few washes as colour transfer may occur.

3. Please iron on reverse side of the apparel. Low to Medium heat ironing is encouraged for all products.